Dwingeloo, the prettiest village in the whole province of Drenthe. In the eyes of the villagers, that is. But they do have a point! The ‘Brink’, the central village square, is a true gem. Around the Brink you will find dozens of historical, monumental farmhouses. Carefully preserved and maintained by their owners. One of those old farms is nowadays home to De Zaagkoele. A restaurant that will tickle your senses. Dutch pancakes, grilled meats and fish, a magnificent lunch: you can find it all at De Zaagkoele. For kids as well as grown-ups, for big and small appetites. Or just to sit down and have a drink. A moment of relaxation, in an atmosphere that breathes regional history. Inside you’ll find a brand new restaurant. On our child-friendly terrace you can experience the coziness and warmth that this area is so well known for, while being served by our enthusiastic staff.

‘De Zaagkoele’. Welcome every time!

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Our Lunch Menu

Our Lunch Menu

Our Lunch Menu

Irresistibly good!

Re-boost your energy, in the midst of a long day. A place to rest, and enjoy good food!

Lunch at De Zaagkoele is a real treat. Our dishes are prepared with the utmost dedication and care. We carefully pick the best ingredients and, if possible, produce is locally sourced. Pure and delicious, the taste of the region!